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Wetsuit Rental $5 A day!!
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Best deal around-$5 for an entire day of wetsuit rental. Each addi'l day is only $5. I've never worn a wetsuit before. What can I expect when trying it on? The first thing you'll notice is that it's tough to get on. Then you notice once it's zipped up, it feels really tight and restrictive. The collar around your neck is also tight. If you're trying it on and the air temperture is hot, it's really difficult to get on and you'll start to heat up really fast. Solutions: The wetsuit needs to be put on slowly and deliberately. It's not the easiest thing to put on, but with care, you'll do it. It needs to be tight to keep the water out. From land into water, it will lossen up a bit. The collar needs to seal in order to prevent water from coming in at the neck. It might feel tight, but eventually you'll get used to it and won't even notice. Wetsuits are definitely easier to put on when the weather is cool, like in the morning - As a general rule, keep the wetsuit down around your waist until you get to the water's edge and are ready to get wet. Then zip it up and jump in. About the worst place to try on a wetsuit is indoors. You need air flow which means outside and best when it's cool.

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